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Comprehensive Consultancy Services covering International issues affecting the speciality chemicals markets:

  • Market Research

  • Project Management

  • Third Party/Distributor/Agency Agreements

  • Toll Manufacture

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Communications

  • REACH Registration

  • Web Based Opportunities




Examples of market studies

  • Thiophenes: Molecules, Markets & Trends

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies 

  • Agrochemical Intermediates 

  • Vitamin E and precursors 

  • Phenolic antioxidants 


Coley Chemicals objective is to provide comprehensive commentary and valuable insight into the technology, main players and market relationships  in the production of aroma chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and conductive polymers. Typically a study would describes the current uses, as well as provide profiles of the major players, raw material sources and an analysis of present and future markets.

About the author: Dr Jonathan Swanston, Coley Chemicals Ltd.

With 35 years sales, marketing, product development and business management experience in the global chemical industry, including 10 years with Shell Fine, Chemicals, Laporte, Inspec and Degussa.

"Coley Chemicals can help you to enter the market for your Specialty Chemicals by making introductions, providing market insight and analysis or helping you to match your strengths to the market needs."

Dr Jonathan Swanston, Coley Chemicals Ltd

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